Support Tips

Here you will find a brief overview for contacting support, along with several tips for getting a timely and effective response from the AtHomeNet Support Team.

  • Let's start with response time. Our target for case turnaround-time is a maximum of one business day (Monday through Friday). We always aim to answer each request as quickly as possible, of course, and frequently beat the 24 hour turn around time by a substantial margin. It may also occasionally take longer than 24 hours -- especially during peak periods, such as after the launch of new features/enhancements, during extremely active sales seasons.
  • The best way to contact support is by using the 'Contact Us' link from within the private area of your web site under "Admin Only". If you are not able to use the 'Contact Us' link from your web site, then email us directly at [email protected]
  • If you are contacting us from the web site, then please be sure to identify your web site by providing your community name and web site address. A surprisingly large number of emails come in each day with no way to identify the community associated with the question. As you might imagine, this makes a meaningful response more difficult.
  • At present, customer service representatives work Monday through Friday (7:30AM to 7:00PM EST). Support emails are monitored over the weekend by our Support Team. Critical issues such as server outages are monitored by AtHomeNet's Networking staff. If such an event were to occur, the Networking team along with AtHomeNet's Management team are immediately notified of the outage and the appropriate steps would be taken to resolve the issue.
  • Be aware of peak periods and slack periods. Highest volume of email occurs on Monday. Volume is lower, and turnaround-time is potentially quicker mid-week. So if your question is routine rather than urgent, take advantage of this and consider writing mid-week.
  • Be as succinct and as specific as possible with your questions. If the support team has to make a guess as to what the question is, then the answer is less likely to be useful and meaningful.
  • It is important to provide whatever background information will be required to answer your questions fully and quickly. For example, please include pertinent feature names, modules and date which correspond to your question, etc.
  • The most common reason for an administrator to not receive a response to their request is that their email program has been set to filter certain types of mail. In other words, a response is sent, but it ends up in the recipient's 'junk mail' folder. So, be sure to double check your email filters to allow email sent from [email protected].
  • Finally, every case is answered by a real person. So, if you ever get a reply that doesn't meet your satisfaction, please reply directly to that email. This will send your response to the person who originally answered your email and is already familiar with your account. This prevents duplication of research and speeds things up. Also, be sure to explain what was lacking in the original answer.
  • We hope these tips will prove useful -- and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Have a question?

Reach us by phone at (800) 556-7852.

Reach our support team by email at [email protected]

Reach our sales team by email at [email protected]