Frequently Asked Questions

Answered below are some of the most frequently asked questions of our Support Team.

Who makes changes and additions to our community web site?

After AtHomeNet has setup your website, one or more people in your community become the "Community Administrators". They will be assigned a special "administrator" password that will allow them to add and maintain all of the necessary information for your community web site. This includes, but is not limited to, adding and maintaining announcements, surveys and votes, new users in the address book, documents, newsletters, hot links, volunteer needs and much more. See below for more information.

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How hard is it for us to make changes to the web site?

AtHomeNet makes this maintenance VERY easy with "browser-based" administration. This means that the only thing the Community Administrator(s) need in order to add and change information on your community web site is a web browser. No special software or knowledge of the Internet is required. All changes the Community Administrator makes are immediately available on the web site, no waiting. You can spread this job duty over multiple community volunteers or committees to make it even easier. The process is the same for each feature so, for example, once you learn how to add Announcements, you will know how to add Documents, Links, Surveys, etc. If you get stuck, free E-mail and phone support is always available.

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How much space or storage are we allowed for our web site?

AtHomeNet does not impose strict limits on the amount of storage space allocated to your community web site. We allow a large degree of latitude for communities to use the service as they see fit, as we design our Condo and Homeowner Association Web Sites such that they can be utilized in communities of any size. Should the storage requirements of your community web site become excessively large we would contact you in order to help you improve the performance and usability of your site by reducing the size of the information stored. Most communities storage requirements are below the 350MB space being offered.

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Can we put pictures on our community web site?

Absolutely! In fact, as part of the setup, AtHomeNet will scan and place photos for you. These pictures can be placed on the public and private home pages and within the "Facilities" section of the web site. After setup, your community administrator can easily place pictures in many areas of your web site, such as Facilities, Documents, Homes for Sale, Photo Albums, Hot Links, etc.

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What would the web address of our community web site be?

Under the service standard plan, your new Homeowners Association Web Site would be hosted under the AtHomeNet domain. So, for example, if your community were called "Glen Oaks", then your web site address could be "". If your community does want to have it's own unique web site address (domain name), we have plans that allow this also (described below).

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What if we want our own "domain name" such as

Most of our community association clients want their own unique domain name for their community web site so we have the Pointer and Premium plans. Both of these plans allow you to have your web site hosted under your own unique domain name, for example "". If you have not already registered your desired domain name we can take care of that for you. The current fee for this is $70 for the first two years and $35 per year after that. On the Premium Plan, you will also receive 10 customized email addresses (such as "[email protected]") and you can add additional email addresses at any time in groups of 10 for $20 per month. We offer the Premium Plan for those communities that desire to have their own domain name and eMail addresses such as "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". With the Premium Plan you can also setup unlimited Email "aliases" which allow people to email you at a community email address (such as [email protected]) and yet you receive the email at your private email account (such as AOL or MSN).

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Will people be able to find our community web site on the Internet using a search engine?

That depends. Search Engine Optimization techniques must be implemented, monitored, and adjusted for continued success. During the Production process, the AtHomeNet team will assist you with a number of helpful tips and strategies that can influence your organic listings on the most popular search engines. As a starting point, we will "Submit your Site" or "Submit your URL" to Google as well as embed any necessary meta title, descriptions and keywords that can be associated with your website. We do offer additional SEO Web Marketing Packages that provide advanced plans for those who have more aggressive goals.

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In what format can we place our community documents on the web site?

You can place documents, images, audio and video on your web site in any of at least 16 different formats. These include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), HTML, Plain Text, JPEG image, or GIF image. Some of these formats are viewable with FREE viewers readily available on the Internet but most are directly supported by all major browsers on the market with nothing additional needed. As additional formats become widely accepted, we automatically add support for them as well.

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Does AtHomeNet sell its Residents data to third parties?

Absolutely not! Your residents can rest assured that AtHomeNet will not sell Residents' names, address, phone numbers or other data within the community database to third parties. In fact, our contract specifically prevents us from doing this. We're in the business of creating web sites for Associations, not in the business of gathering demographic information and reselling it to third parties. Your residents' personal data is just that, YOUR residents'!

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Still More Support Questions?

If you have other questions for Support you can use this contact form, email us at [email protected] or call (800) 556-7852.

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