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MultiConnect from AtHomeNet

Reach Your Residents Wherever They Are.

As community residents become more and more dependent upon their mobile devices for information at their fingertips, AtHomeNet has developed a suite of features to help you stay in touch.

Whether you need to alert all of your residents of a natural disaster affecting the community or remind board members about your next meeting, MultiConnect allows you to send quick messages to recipients via a simple email, text, or phone call - from the convenience of your AtHomeNet website. Explore AlertCast, CallFast and BulletinBlast by watching our video below.

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MultiConnect AlertCast

AlertCast is critical for community emergencies, allowing you to send a message to your entire Address Book quickly & easily. You can notify residents of an impending tornado, hurricane, flash flood or even an Amber Alert in your area. AlertCast sends the message from your AtHomeNet website to your residents via an Email, a Text Message to their mobile phone and a voice call. Click here to read more about AlertCast...

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MultiConnect BulletinBlast

BulletinBlast gives you the option to include text messages and voice calls along with eMail Bulletins for everyday notices. Whether you need to remind everyone to come vote at the annual meeting or just update members of a committee about a meeting change, you can reach them no matter where they are with MultiConnect BulletinBlast. Click here to read more about BulletinBlast...

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MultiConnect CallFast

TOPS Software users who subscribe to MultiConnect also have access to CallFast! Residents will be able to call your community's MultiConnect service number to retrieve information about their account. The caller is checked against the community Address Book to confirm their information. When a matching phone number is found, it will prompt the caller to request Account Information where they will hear their account balance, as of date, last payment amount, and the date the last payment was recorded. This feature will reduce calls to your office and give residents another option for retrieving their account information! Click here to read more about CallFast...

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MultiConnect Pricing

Our Multi-Connect Service contains 3 elements - AlertCast, CallFast and BulletinBlast which gives you the option to send a text or voice message in conjunction with an email. Click here to read more about MultiConnect Pricing...

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Case Study

MultiConnect isn't just a service that we offer our clients - we use it for our business as well! Check out this brief case study to find out how MultiConnect saved the day during a winter storm that hit the AtHomeNet headquarters in Georgia! Click to read more...


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