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Web Site Statistics

Administrator access to various web site statistics:

  • Active Feature Review checklist for your site - manage your features
  • Show Page Views for past 30 days - total page views by day for last 30 days
  • Show Most Frequented Pages - each feature page in order by number of views for last 30 days
  • Show Login Statistics - total logins and last login date by owner
  • Show Site Storage Statistics - track amount of content space available out of total 350,000 MB

The administrator is given the view and print several reports showing site activity. The first report shows the number of hits to their web site for the previous thirty days. A second shows which pages are most popular on the web site and how many hits they are getting. The final report shows how many times residents have logged in to the private area and the date/time of their last login. Associations who sell advertising find this feature helpful as it presents "hard data" which can be used when convincing a vendor of site activity.