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Message Board

Message Forum where residents learn, share and interact with their neighbors

Promote positive communication within your association with the Message Board feature. Community members with a valid login and password can add comments or start new message topics at their discretion viewable to only registered users and receive an email when a response is posted. Website Administrators may update, monitor, and delete posts which makes moderating easy.

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Key Features

  • Setup your community message board by creating various categories and topics to easily organize message posts
  • Residents can create topics within categories and post their comments or questions
  • Residents can "subscribe" to a whole category, or just particular topics and receive new message posts via their email
  • All posts are identified by owner name; no post is anonymous
  • Administrator can establish a security level for categories, controlling who has rights to view and post in the category
  • Administrator can "lock" a topic to prevents future posts, or "pin" a topic to the top of the page for quick access
  • Page view can be sorted by various columns - number of topics, date of post, by author, etc.

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AtHomeNet presents a walk through of our newly "Upped" Message Board Feature, enhanced in October of 2012.

Message Board Feature Teacher Video Series

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Recent Enhancements

October 2012
  • Create multiple categories and organize your different message topics under each category
  • Allow owners to "subscribe" to specific categories of messages and receive posted messages in their personal email
  • Different view security levels can be established for the categories, allowing the administrator to control who has rights to view each category
  • Topics can be "locked" when you no longer wish for new posts to be added but want the topics to still be viewable
  • New page format will conveniently display columns showing the category name, number of topics in each category, and number of posts in each topic. Also the author of the latest post will be listed. You can elect to sort the view on any of these headings.
  • Within each category, you can "pin" a particular topic to the top of the page using the easy pin icon
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