Online Solutions for the Community Association Industry.


The Classifieds feature is designed for residents to sell items or services to one another and for the community to sell ads to outside vendors. These ads are like those found in the newspaper. Like the newspaper, web site ads are grouped into "categories" for easier browsing and run for specific periods of time.

Your Community Can:

  • Save Time - When residents call asking for a recommendation for a service or repair, they can be directed to the web site, saving the community manager and office time in answering those questions.
  • Save Money - should really be Make Money! All ads sold by the community is revenue to the community. Think of all of those local vendors who'd love ongoing daily access to your residents!
  • Save Energy - Less time and research will have to go into finding someone to repair a sidewalk or fix plumbing issues. Your community can simply recommend residents check out the web site.

Your Board Members Can:

  • Save Time - If the community is in need of repair/service, the Board can utilize the Classifieds feature fto save time in finding the right resource for their need.
  • Save Money - Since these resources are local and reliable, the Board will not have to spend their money on more expensive companies.
  • Save Energy - The Board will not have to spend extra time in researching these options so they can spend more time on other items that need to be discussed, which will make their meetings more effective and efficient.

Your Residents Can:

  • Save Time - The Classifieds feature provides a quick way to find the resource needed for a quick solution. Think of it as an internal Anjie's List. Vendors on the community web site will want to be reliable!
  • Save Money - Many vendors will want to provide coupons and discounts as part of their display ad Just print off the coupon and its money in the pocket of your residents!
  • Save Energy - Using the Classifieds feature is very easy - any resident can log onto the site and use this feature, cutting down on time spent on research and phone calls.