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Post CCRS, HOA Rules & other docs for secure 24 hr review

Residents, Board Members, and Committee members can review all of your community's important documents whenever they need to. Set security levels so you can decide exactly who can see what, so unwanted eyes on your sensitive documents will never be an issue. Another major time and hassle saver.

Spend less time in Board/Committee meetings using Task manager

Enjoy 24 hour access to a feature that allows Board/Committee members to vote on specific tasks, add notes or questions, and approve or deny processes their convenience. How many times are communities held up on projects and important decisions because someone missed a meeting or is not in the loop? An AtHomeNet website can even facilitate live Board Only Chats and virtual meetings if need be; but the Task Manager feature can be a HOA Board's best friend.

Cut down on calls, emails, and letters with an online FAQ section

Residents are going to have questions, lots of questions...but your community does not have the time or resources available to place a live operator on a toll free hotline 24 hours a day. Many communities share a lot of the same issues, resources, and operating procedures; so it becomes quickly obvious that questions like 'Where can I find a copy of the CCRs" or "What is the procedure for requesting Architectural changes on my property" will be asked repeatedly. The FAQ section can be as long or as short as you want it to be, and updating it can be done in a matter of minutes. The more you cut down on time spent answering the same questions from different people, the more time you can spend handling other important community business.

Post meeting minutes securely online for residents & Board review

Every resident & Board member can be at every meeting when you post the minutes online on a secure HOA website. Time, convenience, and information are the keys to a happy and informed neighborhood. With a Board only area as well as a place for general meeting minutes, you'll always get the right information to the right person, group, or committee in a way that's secure and convenient for everyone.

Increase rules compliance and ARC forms management & processing

Limited access to information can cause confusion, infractions, and dissension among residents. These situations are not only troubling for the resident, but also for the Board members who have to spend hours on the phone, or time on personal visits and sometimes costly legal battles. ARC violations are mostly caused by procedural issues or lack of resident information. Handle ARC committee requests, post rules and forms, and resolve questions before they become issues using your website.

Generate Revenue selling classified ads and banner ads

You set the prices, you determine the website area, you collect the revenue. Local businesses and private advertisers are always looking for more exposure and to reach new customers. Your community website is a daily gathering place for hundreds to thousands of internal and external visitors and with unlimited page creation, your website can be as profitable as you want it to be.

Eliminate expensive costs of printing community directories

A trip to Kinkos or Fedex for an HOA is an unnecessary and costly inconvenience. Once your resident directory is printed, if someone leaves, someone moves in, or anyone changes their number, the directory has to be updated with possibly even more printing costs. Online resident directories let your residents share as much or as little about themselves and their contact information as they please...and updating them takes seconds of your valuable time.

Avoid merchant fees with FREE online dues payment

Dodge the unwelcome hassle that comes with paying a seemingly endless array of "processing fees" charged by any number of companies to handle your residents' dues payments. Setting up online payments for your community is FREE, and an unprecedented convenience that, once your residents have, they won't want to live without.

Handle financial needs with full TOPS Accounting Integration

View, update, and handle resident accounts with integration from the only software authorized and fully supported by the nations leading Accounting software firm, TOPS. AtHomeNet websites are the only professional websites for HOAs that offer this two way integration. A major time and money saver.

Send email bulletins & announcements on time sensitive issues

Email Bulletins are a quick way to alert everyone in the community about an issue without having to hold any special meetings or send out an individual email to hundreds of residents. We provide new designs and themes you can choose from every month for free, which allows us to offer an outstanding catalogue of pre-designed email bulletins for your unlimited use. You can also design your own in no time at all. Using Announcements and Email bulletins in tandem means that your residents will never be in the dark about important community issues.

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An AtHomeNet Website is designed for your Community & HOA to enjoy efficiency, cost savings, and better time and resource management. You value your time...You value your budget...and your residents come first.

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You don't have to take our word for it...

Find out how one community in California streamlined its communication processes and now has more than 1,600 visits to their website every day in this case study about the Sun City Roseville community. Read Case Study...


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Additional Information

AtHomeNet Websites for Community and HOA’s empower your residents to:

  • Access important documents and share information in a safe online environment
  • Enjoy unprecedented 24 hour access to a centralized hub of information
  • Maximize resources and time with interactive features tailored to your HOA needs
  • Enjoy total community connectivity

What makes choosing AtHomeNet's Homeowners Association Website service the best choice your HOA will ever make?

Advanced Functionality: The AtHomeNet technology team constantly researches the latest most innovative website technology, providing the most advanced HOA website features to our clients while making them user friendly and easily navigated.

Evolving Feature Enhancements: No other professional provider of websites for Homeowner associations provides Brand New Features and FREE Enhancements EVERY MONTH at NO ADDITIONAL COST to your HOA. Our robust set of Custom HOA website Features represent the industry’s most impressive array of functionality exclusively designed for your HOA's unique set of needs.

Unmatched Support: AtHomeNet has a full team of "tech-sperts" who are available to you more than 52 hours a week to help master your customized HOA website. In addition, we offer our valued clients:

  • Standby technicians on weekends
  • A monthly Gazette packed with tips and new feature listings
  • 1 week setup for your new HOA Website
  • Free Access to our Administrators Website packed with video tutorials, helpful tips, and information on related subjects such as S.E.O, Association Management, and HOA and Community Association industry resources and developments
  • FREE Admin training class - online, instructor led

Click here to Request A FREE Information Packet or Call us today at (800) 556 7852 , and speak to one of our Homeowners Association Website sales representatives about joining the worldwide family of AtHomeNet HOA website communities.

According to national statistics, homeowner associations and other planned communities account for 52-55% of all association governed communities in the U.S. HOA websites are essential tools to addressing the communication challenges that every homeowners association faces daily.

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"AtHomeNet provides your homeowners association with a beautifully designed, interactive, easy to use Homeowners Association Web Site which is fully supported by an Atlanta-based staff and reasonably priced."

As Homeownership increases with many residents transitioning from rental properties to private homes; there are considerably greater issues involving maintenance, property taxes, land upkeep, and architectural concerns that a Homeowners web site can facilitate and simplify. Communities that have an AtHomeNet Web Site gain a distinct advantage in managing the numerous tasks associated with the successful operation of a homeowners association.

According to the latest statistics researched by the non-profit Homeowners Associations Institute, more than 1.7 million Americans serve on a community association board, with close to 400,000 participating as committee members. AtHomeNet has leveraged the input, feedback and ideas from across the thousands of homeowners associations we service all over the country to enhance and improve our web site service to be the most complete and useful homeowners association web site service available.

If you are seeking an affordable way to share, educate, inform, and communicate information with the residents of your community; AtHomeNet websites are the complete solution for your homeowners association.

The Facts About A Homeowner Association Web site and Why You Need To Know Them

"HOA websites are a critical component of community communications, and an essential tool in every community that values its resources such as time, money, and volunteer participation." Ten years ago, that statement would have seemed well ahead of its time. The truth is, there are still some Associations that simply believe the idea of spending their money on HOA web sites is more of a luxury, and that a community can share a productive level of communication without having an online presence. The reality however, is that the world of costly paper mailings, sign postings, endless phone calls, over stuffed file cabinets, and a stack of phone books has become an obsolete reminder that whether you are doing research or trying to order a pizza, the web is the new portal to the entire world.

Let's face it, there are a lot of Homeowner Association Web Site providers out there who collect monthly or annual fees on a variety of services that have little more functionality than a Myspace page. The average company selling HOA sites can offer anything from a two page - three or four feature setup, to a complicated conundrum of technology heavy design that even Bill Gates would find difficult to navigate.

Many companies that design HOA sites are not exclusive to the Homeowner Association industry. In other words, large conglomerate technology companies whose technicians and officers have never even logged into real HOA sites in their own neighborhoods, are suddenly entering a market and providing what, in actuality, is a small subset of their overall operations. Without a clear understanding of the HOA industry or the needs of the community end users associated with it; it is obvious why these company's sites lack the features that Associations and their residents really need. As a result of this marginal assessment, these HOA website providers tend to either offer a mediocre service at a bargain basement price; or charge exorbitant fees similar to their overall website building operations while piling on a host of functionality a community did not request, does not need, and cannot use.

Board members, residents, and community volunteers who live in neighborhoods understand what functionality and features a Homeowner Association website has to have to connect a community. In some states, HOA sites are mandatory for the public posting of meeting minutes, by-laws, and other information essential to resident safety and legal compliance. Every year, new legislation is passed regarding what information Homeowner Associations HAVE to make available and accessible to their residents 24 hours a day. A Homeowner Association Web Site is the only legitimate solution to facilitate compliance with these evolving laws. More importantly, outside of the legal requirements, HOA sites offer residents an opportunity to interact and become a community, as opposed to just a conglomerate of individuals living in homes adjacent to one another.

The AtHomeNet Difference

AtHomeNet's complete Community and Homeowner Association website solutions were conceived, designed, and are constantly enhanced by real people who live in and understand Homeowner Associations. The features and functionality in our HOA websites are updated monthly, with new features being made available based on the feedback of thousands of residents and Board members who are living in real communities. In addition, AtHomeNet provides Homeowner Associations 2-way integration with TOPS Software, the nation's leading community accounting software provider. This exclusive arrangement allows residents with a valid login and account on our HOA sites to do everything from pay dues online to checking their account balances, change contact info at the management office, see status of work orders and so much more.

AtHomeNet is the nation's premier provider of affordable, feature packed HOA web sites that are designed for communities of any size, in any location. Since 1998, we have designed and enhanced HOA web site solutions that are tailor made and easily adaptable to the unique set of needs of our diverse portfolio of communities. Our Homeowner Association websites can be found throughout America and six other countries world wide. Our service is constantly evolving, just as our clients and their communities evolve; keeping our HOA sites fully in step with a changing global community management landscape.

"AtHomeNet provides your homeowners association with a beautifully designed, interactive, easy to use Web Site which is fully supported by an Atlanta-based staff and reasonably priced."

Give your community a unique online identity with beautiful designs and cutting edge technology.

The nation's premier provider of feature-packed, affordable, cost saving websites for Homeowners Associations since 1998. Our customized, fully interactive HOA Websites save time, improve communications and safety.