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Governor's Club POA

With the responsibility of protecting the communities' valuable land, property, and its greatest asset, its residents; seasoned Association Manager Dennis McGarvey turned to AtHomeNet's extensive community communications enhancing features to synergize the community as a whole.

Governors Club is a residential Community situated in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. While situated close to the urban cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill; the Community itself is located on 1500 private acres of rolling, wooded land dominated by Edwards Mountain. In addition to approximately 1200 home sites, the Governors Club Community includes a private country club with it's own clubhouse and superb recreational facilities.

An Association Manager's Best Friend

McGarvey of Governor's Club POA has been a Professional Community Association Manager for more than 25 years, and has served several Associations during his career. Regardless of what firm he may be working for or what location he is managing in, implementing an AtHomeNet community website in any community he is managing, is an integral part of his management protocol.

In 2007, McGarvey took over the community management of Governor's Club POA. Recognizing the immediate need, he spearheaded the effort to get the community online, making news at the same time; as the launch of the website made the national count of homes actively using AtHomeNet's website service exceed one million.

With this usual enthusiasm and professionalism McGarvey stated, "I cannot imagine operating an Association without an AtHomeNet website and it is laughable how inexpensive and easy to maintain it is; not to mention that through all of this, all 8 or 9 years I've worked with them, they haven't once increased the price."

A Community's Vision

When McGarvey brought his management touch to Governor's POA, the Board shared with him their community vision and mission statement as follows: "The Governors Club Vision is to ensure that the amenities, aesthetics, and infrastructure of our community blend seamlessly with the activities and opportunities that cumulatively provide a lifestyle unparalleled in the Southeast."

The mission of the GC POA Board of Directors is to provide leadership and management to plan and operate Governors Club consistent with the vision. The elements include:

  1. Protect the environment and aesthetics
  2. Maintain the infrastructure
  3. Maintain financial integrity
  4. Facilitate communications within the community
  5. Ensure positive interaction with the greater Triangle community
  6. Promulgate policies that enhance property values

Being in the profession as long as he has, McGarvey began to apply the extensive list of features and functionality that come standard in AtHomeNet's website services to achieve these goals. Aside from the management of assets and opportunity, a large part of any community manager's job is to manage its people; providing residents, Board members, and various committee volunteers with the tools and the information they need to insure the neighborhood's overall vitality and value.

He recognized the convenience of AtHomeNets massive features set and how it could help streamline projects and handle time sensitive community issues with ease. The all important concept of keeping everyone informed had almost become second nature through the fact that he could easily update a website in minutes from any location where his laptop was handy. Facilitating the all important exchange of information between the Board, residents, and management was simplified through his use of AtHomeNet.

Since AtHomeNet features are advertised to be the product of feedback from real community Board members and residents from the company's more than 11 year history, McGarvey began to see that for just about every need, there was a feature, or set of features. Classified Ads to bring revenue into the community, and Online Payments for residents to stay current with dues, were just some of the features that made the front office very happy. Then there were the more social features that were resident pleasers; Photo Albums and Play Groups, Modules functionality where any type of page could be created, Reservations for all of the communities' amenities, even a "Friending" option so that neighbors could have email lists of other residents they talked to most.

It's been a few years since McGarvey first launched the Governor's POA website. Outside of the cost free new features and enhancements that are added to AtHomeNet's services on a monthly basis, he really began to see the connection between how societal & environmental factors beyond one's control can dramatically shift a community's basic needs. While McGarvey had become very skilled at utilizing the features he thought were core to making any community he managed better; recent happenings revealed that the flexibility of having an intuitive set of features that may not even seem important at first, can make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds to thousands of residents and their family members.


The blizzard like weather that has blanketed a good portion of the east coast and beyond in early 2010 has caused a lot of communities to lose a lot of sleep, not to mention power. When the uncommon announcement came that most of North Carolina was going to receive a massive snowstorm, McGarvey kicked his "Management Mode" into high gear.

Seeing the larger picture of all the potential problems with communication, travel, electricity, accessibility, and safety the storm threatened to invoke, he began by sending out 3 emails per day over the period of 2 days. These emails included everything from road conditions in the immediate area, outside the area, and on major interstate routes. The convenience to be able to disseminate information about all of the critical areas within and around the community, without once having to actually physically be on the premises, was a blessing that saved time, money, and possibly lives. McGarvey's ability to use AtHomeNet technology to manage that level of critical information from his own home, made him all the more aware of how essential the websites he had worked with for so many years could be. He reflected on the costly restrictions of the past, when in similar emergencies saw his team sending out group emails to pockets of residents from Outlook, which restricts the senders ability to send more than 30 emails at a time. When time is of the essence, dangerous weather is fast approaching, and a community has over 500 residents, even imagining going through a community address book and grouping neighbors into splinters of '30" was a mental nightmare. The Governor's POA website allowed him to send to the entire community at once with one click, not to mention a generous number of email templates including one for "Severe Weather Update" was already available for use. Although he had been using AtHomeNet websites, comfortably since 1998; never had it been more apparent how just one feature in the service could yield so much benefit.

In the aftermath of the storm, hundreds of emails were sent out by grateful residents, praising the email updates and their impact on resident safety and travel plans. McGarvey compiled these emails and shared them with the Board in an effort to demonstrate that in today's unpredictable environment, an AtHomeNet Community website should be the center of a community's communications and management efforts.

With more than 25 years managing communities in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Carolinas, McGarvey has seen a lot change in community management. Regardless of how the demographics of residents and communities change, the economy moves up and down, the one thing that stays consistent is McGarvey's professional Community management coda which he has consistently told to colleagues, residents, and Board members alike for over a decade.

"Where ever I go, I bring AtHomeNet websites with me", Dennis McGarvey, Professional Community Association Manager- Governor's Club POA


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